Attention Coaches & Service Providers:

If you’re putting out tons of content but still don’t feel like you’re creating a deep connection with your audience, or seeing bigger sales?

This is for you...


Learn How to Craft Powerful Brand Stories that Connect With Your Dream Clients in a Profound Way!

Branding, is how you make you storytelling and connections come to life and create connections.

Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs (nope, not just you!), the actual art and science of branding is like a foreign language.

We know we need to write stories to strengthen our brand and create a strong bond with our audience, but there’s often a voice saying, “You shouldn’t get too personal, or vulnerable.” or “Your story is boring.” or even “You don’t have what it takes to write a decent story.”

So you end up churning out the same old boring content. (Does the world really need another Facebook post about “How to make 30 sales in 30 seconds”?)

You play safe.

You attract an audience who won’t ever really get to know you. (If you attract an audience at all.)

And you never quite manage to connect on the level you could.

Luckily, all hope is not lost, my friend.

There’s an easy process you can follow that helps you to craft powerful connections –no matter whether your issue is fear, comparison or a complete lack of storytelling structure.


"A Goddesses Guide to 6 Figure Branding." (eBook)

In this ebook, I’m going to lay out exactly what branding is and how to get your plan started because the 1st step to any success is a plan. By the end, you’ll be able to…

  • Find out why you need to solve your customer's problems.
  • Effectively use the assets you already have to grow the word about who you are.
  • Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything.
  • Market and Brand your business, and know what to talk about with your following.
  • Learn what to do before you scale.
  • Develop a clear understanding of why Story Telling Marketing and Branding are essential to your business.
  • Create consistency.
  • Help you become a lifelong learner. 
  • Be ready for our next step, which is admission to the Goal Diggin Goddess Academy.  
  • Sound Dope?  Great, get ready to take your next best step!

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Secrets most people were never willing to share with me when I started!

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When I started, every free eBook, course and clarity call, ended in them wanting MORE & MORE $$$

Once I finally got the hang of coaching, selling courses and creating my brand, I was determined to create a way my clients could create their worth & wealth, without breaking the bank like I did. 

I keep it simple! You get the download an eBook that actually teaches you!

Yes, it will give you exclusive pricing to our online course the "90 Day Branded Business Launch " as well, this eBook is packed with things you can implement, today! 

This is our way of being transparent. No F**king gimmicks, let's grow your dreams into a reality! 

With Gratitude, 

Octavia Harris