March 13, 2020 

Being able to share my story has healed me in ways that counseling, books, meditation, and prayer never did. 

I never admitted my fears, instead, I spent my days in judgment, judging how my girlfriend at the time didn’t clean enough, do enough or be enough. I judged how my mother made choices, how my sister dated, and how my friends ran their homes. I judged how my boss did her job. 

Most of all, deep down, I judged how I didn’t 

  •  Keep the weight off
  •  Drink more water
  •  Eat healthier
  •  Yell less
  •  Stop doing the things that turned me into my mom
  •  Enjoy sex with the woman I was dating 
  •  Like how fat I was getting, even though I hid it by saying I was thick and only took headshot pictures for over 10 years. 
  •  Keep the house spotless
  •  Fold the clothes
  •  Cook more
  •  Fake less
  • Love my body like I said I did
  • Love me

This list was long and painful, plus this fucking list played in...

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