Welcome to "The Divine Goddess Business Blueprint" where we transform from Idea to Execution through Feeling, Healing, to Growing Rich w/ Octavia Harris

Quantum healing is healing on a cellular level that happens immediately and after 15 years of working with people to help them design their lives on purpose and with purpose, I found out the #1 thing that is preventing people from pursuing their goals and more pleasurable life is a lack of emotional alignment.

If life keeps happening to you and it stops you from progressing in your goals, and you keep wondering why you are not further along, you are in the right place.

Let’s be honest, Your pain affects how you show up! There are days when taking a deep breath does not keep you grounded and eager to pursue your dreams because you can barely manage life, home, work, kids, and your day. Sometimes your goals and dreams take the back burner.  Even worse, is when you finally get in a grove and mom guilt sneaks in!

#1 thing I would like to share with you is not everyone is designed with the same energy. We are all designed so uniquely that society, and how we grew up, spends years trying to mold you into what they want you to be, it takes years to unravel who you are. Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that knowing who you are is essential to your business today because people buy people and stories, not products and services.

The 7 Principles of Healing to Grow Rich:

1.  Discovering Your Love Languages. 
2. Discovering what's missing by growing your SACCK. (Self-awareness, alignment, confidence, consistency, and knowledge)  3. Creating new family systems that allow change, growth, and acceptance.
4. Using what you know to grow your dream and develop financial abundance. 5. Build a Support System.
6. Build a brand. 7. Share your story
You living a Pleasurable Life is defined as a life that successfully pursues positive emotions about the present, past, and future by using your signature strengths to obtain an abundance of gratification through pursuing activities that excite and ignite you in every realm of your life. The pursuit of happiness is finding pleasure in happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment. 

Welcome to space where I help people explore how to create their own pleasurable life by Building a Blissful life by getting to know yourself from the inside out. 

Finding your true self is how you build a Branded Business from your life’s story or the stories of those you admire. These branded businesses allow you to leave your legacy and remind the world that breaking generational curses is possible and representation matters! 

Representation matters so much to my brand that I took the next step of helping families further make permanent changes I entered into real estate. The American Dream of owning a home or land is possible for all people. 

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