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Hello Beautiful Soul!
I’m  Goddess Octavia and welcome to your next best business steps! 

As a storytelling marketer & business coach, I Assist, Realtors, Coaches, Speakers, & Influencers who want to grow a 6 figure brand and expand their reach.

Our strategy is to combine their voice with their story and apply storytelling branding & marketing strategies that Build a Blissful Life, Branded Business, and Buy Real Estate.


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If you would like to brand & market your business with your life story to build your business, bank account and influence, this is the place to be!

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Get it all out of your head! Get individualized guidance for your unique stage in the business journey.

Let's discuss where you are and see how we can connect you to your dreams & ambitions. 


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Outline any Project, Content & Campaign. Stand out &Share Your Story.

(90 Mind Mastermind Session + Trello Blueprint)


Brain dump and outline any project. Create campaigns, taglines, slogans, hashtags, and bring your vision to life in this Mastermind Session.

Use your skills, knowledge, journey, and life story to position yourself as a leader in your industry and grow your social media.


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The 90-Day, Goddesses Blueprint to Success.

(90 Mind Mastermind Session + Trello Blueprint)

Learn a formula that works. Build your roadmap to successfully starting, growing, branding, and marketing your small business. 

Helping you stay on task, keep a set schedule, produce a consistent line of income, while building relationships with future clients.

Delivered to you on a Trello Board you can see right from your phone!


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 The Goal Diggin Goddess Business Academy 

(Online Courses)

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The 90-Day Branded Business Launch.

Business in a Box 

(90 Day Course) 


  • Take that idea and turn it into your 6 Figure brand.
  • Find out why you need to solve your customer's problems.
  • Effectively use the assets you already have to get a business off the ground.
  • Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything.
  • Market and Brand your business, and know what to focus on.
  • Scale your business slowly and correctly, and understand why it will take time without being critical of yourself.


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The Gifted Goddess Story Guide:

Learn How to Share All Your Story 
(90 Day Course)


  • How to share your story
  • Develop Your Message
  • Write your brand story
  • Get your audience's attention
  • The power close
  • Goddess Brand Story Builder
  • The Secret Behind a Powerful Brand
  • Win over your tribe
  • Improving your communication
  • Goddess self-improvement & Development
  • The She-ro’s Journey


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Master Your Story & Market it:

Design Your  Backend, Brand, Business & Market it! 

(5  All in one Month Course)


  • Premier Course
  • Share your story, with your clients’ needs in mind, to create a brand story and monetize your business brand.
  • Using secrets I’ve learned from my mentor, Les Brown, and many other greats in the motivational speaking business, you’ll learn how to expertly develop your business.
  • Epitomize being a "Product of the Product."
  • Grasp the adventure and focus on the 7 Steps to Success.
  • Create the backend of your business.
  • Create online success


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