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The Principles of Pleasure that Grow Your Riches w/  Octavia Harris

Are you ready to live a pleasurable life on purpose? If so, you've come to the right place at the right time. 

The 7 Principles of Pleasure that can grow your riches are:

  1. Discovering Your Love Languages. 
  2. Discovering what's missing by growing your SACCK.
  3. Creating new family systems that allow change, growth, and acceptance.
  4. Using what you know to grow your dream and create financial abundance.
  5. Build a Support System.
  6. Build a brand.
  7. Share your story.

You living a Pleasurable Life is defined as a life that successfully pursues the positive emotions about the present, past, and future by using your signature strengths to obtain an abundance of gratification through pursuing activities that excite and ignite you in every realm of your life. The pursuit of happiness is finding pleasure in the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment. 

Welcome to space where I help people explore how to create their own pleasurable life by Building a Blissful life through getting to know yourself from the inside out. 

Finding your true self is how you build a Branded Business from your life’s story or the stories of those you admire. These branded businesses allow you to leave your legacy and remind the world that breaking generational curses is possible and representation matters! 

Representation matters so much to my brand that I took the next step of helping families further make permanent changes that I entered into real estate. The American Dream of owning a home or land is possible for all people. You deserve a pleasurable life, and that includes the American Dream of owning a home or land! If you are in the Triad area of NC, I am the #1 Broker in NC who assists people in Buying Real Estate.


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The Goddess Awakening Course

Have you noticed you don’t feel like yourself lately? Not as focused? Maybe you can’t see what your clear purpose is because the future looks foggy? You are not sure what your next direction will be? It's because you have to replace your old habits with new ones. 

Adjusting to the "new now" can feel extremely overwhelming, especially about what the next steps in your goals and dreams will be. 

($67.00) Save $200

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Human Design & Spiritual Readings 

What is Quantum Human Design?

It is a chart that was created on the day, time, and location that you were born that gives you specific information about your life path, your style of working, your relationship blueprint, how you experience energy in the world, and most importantly, how to create a truly meaningful and authentic life.

As a life & business coach who has a Degree In Business and a Masters's in breaking generational curses, I have incorporated QHD into my business because I’ve found that limiting belief systems are the thieves that steal people's hopes and dreams. You were born perfect and then life placed weights on your shoulders that TOLD you who you were. Those weights hold you back from your true self and highest capabilities. 

QHD allows you a new way to make choices and break free from who the world told you to be to embrace who you were born to be and live in your story on purpose, in your purpose! 

You were born with the Answers, QHD will help you connect to what you’ve always known… You are perfectly made and a one-in-a-lifetime cosmic event. 

Human Design & Spiritual Readings

The Goddess Awakening Day Retreat 

 💜 Quantum Human Design chart reading to discover who you were born to be

 💜 Quantum Alignment System session where we tap through limiting beliefs that are blocking you from success, happiness, and your purpose to let go of your "not-self". 

 💜 A Reiki Healing & Alignment Session to release the energy from your body. 

 💜 Spiritual Hot-tub Bath that reinforces clearing pathways and doing away with negative situations that have been holding you back. Cleansing the spirit to attract positivity and the added bonus is that it is relaxing.

 💜 Goddess Alignment Dinner. Prepared by myself. 

 💜 Goddess Oasis chat and chill in the Goddess Oasis to cement what you have learned to give you a listening ear filled with encouragement. 

 💜 An aftercare workbook on how to continue this practice after our time together.

💜 $444 Special pricing (Save $281) 💜

A true Goddess Awakening Experience! 

Once you purchase this package, you will get an email with possible times to book. I will personally reach out to book a day and time or you can text 336-687-6908.

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Download my branding e-book, “A Goddess's Guide to 6 Figure Branding” and start building your brand, business, and bank account on purpose!

This is the first step in connecting who you are to what your business represents by embracing your core values. 

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Support for your dreams, ideas, and business can become non-existent after a while! I knew this feeling too well, that's why I created this space.

We have a community that supports, uplifts, and teaches entrepreneurs how to move from solopreneurs to small business owners w/ a team of support!

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Mastermind & Brain Dump to get clear on your next move!

Where should you start? What should you work on first? Get it all out of your head! Get individualized guidance for your unique stage in the business journey.

Let's discuss where you are and see how we can connect you to the dreams & ambitions that create pleasure in your life. 

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Goddess, Get Aligned In Your Business!


You Talk and I Outline a plan of Success!

(90 Min. Mastermind Call + Trello Board with your plan outlined) 

What do you need to do next to get to a place of success that you can see? It starts with making decisions and creating a plan of action. That's easier said than done. After years of helping people with their goals, I discovered a plan of action is the first step in creating a pleasurable life.

This plan will allow you to get all your thoughts out while I write and listen. The results are, a plan of action YOU CREATED, I simply help you organize it into action steps.

$333 (Save $100)

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Book Your Goddess Blueprint!

The 90-Day, Goddesses Blueprint to Success.

(90 Min. Mastermind Session + Trello Blueprint)

Brain dump and outline any project. Create campaigns, outline your brand, taglines, slogans, hashtags, and bring your vision to life in this Mastermind Session.

Use your skills, knowledge, journey, and life story to position yourself as a leader in your industry and grow your social media.

Learn the formula my mentors and I have used to build our roadmaps to success! 

Helping you stay on task, keep a set schedule, produce a consistent line of income, while building relationships with future clients.

$333 (Save $100)

(Payment Plans Available)

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Goddess, Get Educated and Grow In Your Business w/ The Goal Diggin Goddess Business Academy


Brand It, Build It, Master It & Market It. (Business in a Box)

  • Take that idea and turn it into your 6 Figure brand.
  • Find out why you need to solve your customer's problems.
  • Effectively use the assets you already have to get a business off the ground.
  • Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything.
  • Market and Brand your business, and know what to focus on.
  • Scale your business slowly and correctly, and understand why it will take time without being critical of yourself.


(Payment Plan Options Available)

Grab Your Business In a Box!

The Breakthrough Brilliantly Brand Story: 

  • How to share your story
  • Develop Your Message
  • Write your brand story
  • Get your audience's attention
  • The power close
  • Goddess Brand Story Builder
  • The Secret Behind a Powerful Brand
  • Win over your tribe
  • Improving your communication
  • Goddess self-improvement & Development
  • The She-ro’s Journey


(Payment Plan Options Available)

Learn How to Share Your Story!

Master Your Story & Market it

  • 3 Premier Courses
  • Share your story, with your clients’ needs in mind, to create a brand story and monetize your business brand.
  • Using secrets I’ve learned from my mentor, Les Brown, and many other greats in the motivational speaking business, you’ll learn how to expertly develop your business.
  • Epitomize being a "Product of the Product."
  • Grasp the adventure and focus on the 7 Steps to Success.
  • Create the backend of your business.
  • Create online success


(Payment Plan Options Available)

Master Your Story & Market It!