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Goddess Awakening

It's time to reset some old habits and let go of the things that are stopping your success.

Taking time to slow down just a little, create a better self-care routine, and getting to know yourself more will allow you to grow your following, connect them to your value and learn to share your story. 

The Goddess Awakening will discuss 

  • Getting Grounded
  • Pleasure Meditations
  • How emotions affect your ability to receive
  • Exploring your desires, passions, and seeking more pleasure

Think about this for one moment Goddess...

Have you noticed you don’t feel like yourself lately?

Not as focused?

Maybe you can’t see what your clear purpose is because the future looks foggy?

You are not sure what your next direction will be?

Adjusting to the new now can feel extremely overwhelming, especially about what the next steps in your goals and dreams will be.

It's time to feel more grounded

This transition allows you to slow down,  know yourself, and experience the awakening of yourself that can help you create value in your brand and use it to connect to your ideal clients. 

Are you ready to feel more grounded? Maybe you don't know you are not grounded and that is where a lack of peace is coming from.

Signs you may not be grounded:

  • Feeling Uneasy or lost
  • Having many open projects but struggling to finish any of them. Lack of passion or pleasure in the things that once excited you.
  • A strong need to fix yourself, others, or things in life.
  • Questioning things more than usual
  • You may feel less connected with the people close to you.
  • You constantly engage in things that distract you like social media, phone calls, training or simply scrolling too long

Even for those of us who feel like we are on the surface, things can feel steady but underneath, there is a deeper feeling of uneasiness.

It's time to clear this energy and get more goal-focused!