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The Goddess Awakening: Reset to Reveal Your Riches (3 x $185)

The 90 Day Business Blueprint

Entrepreneurial Shifts to Reset Your Mindset: If you’ve ever struggled… Or beaten yourself up Or Talked down to yourself Or Been unsure Or lacked confidence Or have been unsure about what's next, what to do, or how to do it… Or if you struggle to stay on task Or if you struggle with keeping a set schedule Or if you struggle to stay on task until you produce a consistent line income. You have come to the right place. Who is this outline for? Maybe you have been in a space where you are working your butt off, but you are not financially seeing a return on your investments and time? Maybe you find yourself lowering your prices, chasing down clients, and wasting time and energy. Maybe you have gotten sick and tired of working in Cooperate America or clocking into a time clock. Are you a little stressed out because your side income isn’t consistent enough to take your business to the next level. What do I hear most? Stories from entrepreneurs who feel they should be further along in their business but haven’t quite broken through your financial ceiling. Maybe just the thought of increasing your prices scares you, however, you see some of your competitors with higher pricing than you. Then you’ve tested it out and tried to go higher and people have turned you down. If you have experienced any of these conflicts and you are ready for a change, the first step is getting crystal clear on what you should be doing and working on. This outline is based on our conversation and as you grow, we will be able to add to your outline until it is encapsulated with all of your goals and dreams.

Reset to Reveal Your Riches

Increase your worth, wealth, and willpower! The real reason you’re overwhelmed and stuck as an entrepreneur is simple, you’ve never built a foundation for your life and business to grow simultaneously, from the inside out, and create a foundation for success.  Why? Because your limiting beliefs have brought you to a standstill.  In a nutshell, limiting beliefs are perceptions that we have about ourselves and the world around us that limit us in some way.  My coaching clients, as well as myself, have all experienced these pains that have caused us to become “busy” while becoming stagnant at the same time.  LET’S BREAK THE CYCLE YOU’RE IN, ONCE AND FOR ALL.