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Level 2: The Growth Coaching Package -

The Expansion Coaching Package: "Expand Your Business Story & Reach."

 "A strategic toolkit for entrepreneurs ready to fuel business growth and overcome expansion challenges."

Advanced Marketing Strategies made simple for Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners to Develop Effective Marketing, Business Strategies, Communication Strategies, Systems & Confidence, Easily. Building a foundation for all the important parts of Business Development and Growth”

What included?


  •  The Goal Diggin Goddess
  •  VIP Community on Kajabi
  •  The Goal Diggin Goddess
  •  VIP Community on FB
  •  FB Marketing Community where you can advertise and sell your products at no cost.
  •  Email Access to me (48-hour response time)


  •  21-Days to Breakthrough Brilliantly
  •  21-Days - The Goddess Awakening, Reset to Reveal Your Riches
  •  21-Days - Audio & Video - The Goddess Awakening: Know Yourself and your Following will follow
  •  6 Month intensive/ Master Your Story & Market It
  •  The Goddess Awakening, Reset to Reveal Your Riches (The deeper work for connecting to your own self-awareness.)
  •  Show Up and Show out Across All Platforms
    Online 6-month course to build, brand, & market your online business.

Business Coaching:

  •  6 Months of Business Coaching
  •  6 x 15 Minutes (Emergency Calls)
  •  12 x 60 Minutes (1:1 Mastermind Coaching Sessions)
  •  12 x 60 Minute (Bi-weekly group video mastermind calls on how to share your story.)
  •  12 x 60 Minute (Bi-weekly group video mastermind calls on the topics of the month for 2023: The Elevation Pitch, Branding, Self-Promotion & Confidence, Your Audience, Expand Your Reach, Baby, it's the Sales for Me, Success, Self-Care, & Self-Awareness, Master Your Story & Market It, and Master Your Story & Market it
    Monthly training sessions with the group. (Access to Replays)
  •  Monthly Group Mastermind Sessions: Take that idea and turn it into your 6 Figure brand.
  •  50% off most event tickets.
  •  Access to the 90-Day Acceleration program. (Mini-course)

Business Confidence on the Backend:

  •  Find out why you need to solve your customer's problems.
  •  Effectively use the assets you already have to get a business off the ground.
  •  Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything.
  •  Market and Brand your business, and know what to focus on.
  •  Scale your business slowly and correctly, and understand why it will take time without being critical of yourself.
  •  How to share your story
  •  Develop Your Message
  •  Write your brand story
  •  Get your audience's attention
  •  The power close
  •  Goddess Brand Story Builder
  •  The Secret Behind a Powerful Brand
  •  Win over your tribe
  •  Improving your communication
  •  Goddess Self-improvement & Development
  •  The She-ro’s Journey
  •  Share your story, with your client's needs in mind, to create a brand story and monetize your business brand.
  •  Using secrets I’ve learned from my mentor, Les Brown, and many other greats in the motivational speaking business, you’ll learn how to expertly develop your business.
  •  Epitomize being a "Product of the Product."
  •  Grasp the adventure and focus on the 7 Steps to Success.


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