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We don't believe in "get rich quick" programs. If you're looking for a push-button system that will make you rich or do all the work for you or magically generate leads and clients without you learning new skills or putting forth any effort, then this class is NOT for you. We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others with excellence and integrity. While the information in this training is based on real-world results, we do not make any guarantees at all about your ability to get results or earn money with our ideas, information, or strategies. While we firmly believe this information can make a massive difference to your business, we also know that - - just as with anything else in life -- your results will depend entirely on your own time, effort, energy, and commitment. My results are not typical. The results you have read about in testimonials from my top students are not typical. In fact, it's our opinion that most people who engage in any "how-to" or "improvement" courses usually don't get any results at all. We believe it's because they don't take action on what they learn and they give up after hitting the inevitable roadblock. If you want to succeed in anything - - including your business -- you have to have a good plan, a solid work ethic, and the ability to keep working toward your goals when you hit a snag. The purpose of this video is to give you a sample of our training. All of this information is available in our terms, privacy, terms.

By the end of our encounter, you’ll be able to…

  1. Build a solid foundation to your business to accelerate to your success timeline.
  2. Build your online coarse, ebook & freebies.
  3. Attract your ideal audience & Stop lowering your prices & increase them.
  4. Take that idea or side hustle and turn it into your a 6 Figure brand.
  5. Find out why you need to solve your customers problems.
  6. Effectively use the assets you already have to get a business off the ground
  7. Be able to validate your ideas without risking everything
  8. Market and Brand your business, and know what to focus on
  9. Scale your business, and understand why it will take time without being critical of yourself.
  10. A guide that will allow you to take your ideas or side hustle into services and products your customers will love.

Start with Your Why

So, what’s your "why"? That's a pretty common question in business–but it’s also critical when it comes to storytelling. Just like a can't-put-it-down novel, the protagonist's "why" is the driving force behind every move she makes. Your "why" is what makes you go to work every single day. Learn how to incorporate that into your marketing and storytelling, and you'll create an instant bond with your ideal clients!

Becoming a Goal Diggin Goddess

Want to create real connections? Your viewer, listener or reader needs to really “see” themselves in your story. But how do you create a relatable story they’ll actually read all the way through?  You don’t have to share everything, but you do need to share the struggles and triumphs that will resonate with your ideal client, even if they are someone else's stories.

Getting Comfortable to Win

While it’s great to create a master version of your core story, you can’t tell the exact same story verbatim every time you’re infusing it into your marketing. But what you can do?

Learn the specific (and preferred) storytelling format specially-suited to each marketing situation, audience or platform by offering your Unique Selling Proposition.

Master Your Story & Market It

Connecting with your audience isn’t just about telling your own stories–it’s about telling your client’s stories, too! Get to know your ideal client. Create  stories that get the right people hanging on your every word.

Application will appear at the end of our Masterclass. Be ready to apply before our next enrollment fills up.

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Christina Creevy Knox

Unbelievable experience and service! Highly recommended!

Dominque SheBody

This class is sooooooooo amazing! It really helped with a lot of issues that I struggled with! I love the fact that it Helps with relating personal life with business in a way to progress more! I loved it and I’m going to most likely sign up again! It takes a while to fully grasp all of the wonderful gems that this class offers!

Aleksandra Vujnovic

Make it your mission to meet Octavia. A person with a purpose and passion to make you shine for the people who need to hear your message. She is my guardian angel she could be yours, too.

Shinika Mckiever

Octavia is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She is dedicated and committed to her clients. She is happy to help, accessible, and will hold you accountable. If you are just starting out and are in need of a coach, Crav Life Consulting can definitely meet your needs!!!

Evangelist Maria Elliott-Davis

Thanks Octavia for being a Leader of Greatness! I'm truly grateful to have made your acquaintance and taken the opportunity to participate in your workshops. Continue to show us how to be authentic and SHOW UP!!! Your passion makes you one tough coach and I'll always hear you saying get that $×!+ DONE! Luv you Crav Life.

Hanna Hill-Destigter

Octavia is so amazing! She has so much information and personality!

Goddess, don't miss your chance to sit at the millionaires table!


Creating courses, selling online services and selling more products all  require that you...

Craft Powerful Stories that Connect With Your Dream Clients in a Profound Way!

Well Actually... How they Sell Themselves. 

Stop wishing you could create incredible content that gets your business noticed, and learn how to craft stories straight from the heart that resonate with your audience!

Plus, since you are the talent, there may be some foundational steps you may want to revisit, tweak and improve in your business like the:

  • Brand colors & Logo
  • Registering your business
  • Getting a business checking account
  • Mission statement 
  • Vision Statement 
  • Proposition Statements
  • Events for the year
  • Online content creation 
  • Branding & Marketing like a pro.

You've heard about branding and storytelling, I'm sure but how to implement it takes strategy.

Which Is why I share the secret tools with my clients that allow them to "course correct."

Our program teaches the foundation of building your business & branding at the same time. 

We do this by teaching you the art of storytelling marketing.

When you start sharing your story or stories related to your brand, you want to be tactful.

You want to share lovingly, and in a way that connects you to your ideal customers.

Sharing your story is going to require you to write content or hire an assistant to help you write. Writing content can feel like an ongoing (and seriously not fun) road of never-ending work with little reward. Am I right?

You spend exhausting amounts of time in the AM or during the day, pumping yourself with caffeine to create “enough” content. 

Or, maybe you haven’t even started pre-writing your content yet. You are winging it day by day. 

Right now, your weekly “content” tasks may consist of 

  • One email newsletter. 
  • 2 Videos a week.
  • 3 motivational, non- product-related posts a week.
  • 3 Facebook posts. 
  • An Instagram post a day. 
  • And can’t forget that blog post!

Or maybe you aren't doing any of this, but you want to.

But here is THE TRUTH-

No matter what you are doing, while you might receive a like here or a random emoji thumbs up there, your content isn't stirring emotions, or creating SALES & NEW CUSTOMERS DAILY!


You must be attracting new clients  DAILY & CONSISTENTLY!

Worse, you see so many other coaches, entrepreneurs & small business owners flourishing and totally crush this whole “storytelling & branding" thing.

One post and in minutes their comments section is bursting with sentiments like, “OMG, this just changed my life!” or “OMG, I feel like you’re speaking straight to me!”.

You want your voice to stand out and stand for something, too.

But when it comes to sitting down and sharing what’s on your heart, you just can’t. 

Or you think you don't have time.

Yes, you yearn to connect with your audience in a deep, profound way, but when it comes time to tell your audience more about you– from what got you here, to what challenges you’ve faced, to all the struggles and the successes and everything in between, you freeze up.

Maybe you don’t know how much is too much to share.
Maybe you worry about somebody–your clients, your friends, your colleagues–judging you.

Or maybe you just doubt your ability to write (or speak) in a way that truly compels and hits people in the feels.

All you know is you DO want to share. And you want to HELP. 

But as long as you’re scared to go deeper, to get intimate, to get real, to show up and shine as the true you…


It’s true: Most of us yearn to share our stories. But even when we do–and especially when we’re doing it for business–it’s not really about us.


Sharing quality stories isn’t just a form of self-expression (although it is) or a “selling tool” (although it is).

It’s a way to help, connect and cultivate a serious level of know, like, and trust with your audience.

Nope, you can’t just tell stories for the sake of telling stories. You need to tell stories in a way that relates to your potential client. If she can’t “see” herself in your story, she’s out of there! 

But if she does?

She’ll not only stick around and scroll all the way through, she might even eventually trust you enough to buy from you.
That’s because…

Storytelling–True Storytelling–is All About Connection.

And Connection Breeds Quality Leads!

That’s because…

Unfortunately, for many entrepreneurs (nope, not just you!), the actual art and science of writing captivating stories is a huge stumbling block.
This is because many entrepreneurs never dig deep enough to build a brand!

BRANDING… is the glue to your marketing plan and the growth of your entire business!

We know we need to write stories to strengthen our brand and create a strong bond with our audience, but there’s often a voice saying, “You shouldn’t get too personal, or vulnerable.” or “Your story is boring.” or even “You don’t have what it takes to write a decent story.”

So you end up saying the same old mess, creating the same old boring content.

(Does the world really need another Facebook post about “How to create self-care”?)

You play safe.

You attract an audience who won’t ever really get to know you. (If you attract an audience at all.)

And you never quite manage to connect on the level you could.

Luckily... all hope is not lost, my beautiful soul.

 There’s a four-step process you can follow that helps you to craft powerful stories–no matter whether your issue is fear, comparison, or a complete lack of storytelling structure.

Brand It, Build it, Master It, Market it.

This is a self-paced Bootcamp where I’m going to lay out exactly how to attract your dream clients through the profound power of branding and storytelling marketing. This will help you create your courses, online events, groups, ebooks & freebies. It's a business in a box, built buy your specializations. 

Sound Dope?

You will get an invitation at the end of this Mastermind Session.