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Octavia Harris "International Branding, Storytelling Marketing & Strategist"

branding marketing small business Nov 13, 2020

Octavia Harris is the CEO of Crãv Life Consulting, LLC, and is an International Speaker, VoiceOver Artist, and Marketing Strategist. Octavia is a top Speaker at the Les Brown Institute Speaker Cooperate Trainer located in the Greensboro, NC area. She specializes in Business to Business content creation and digital marketing to women entrepreneurs in order to monetize through building their brand story through their life story. She helps her clients turn their “Mess” into their “Message.” She assists her clients with branding their story, increasing their social media presence, getting unstuck, writing their first books, and creating an Online, Signature program.

Octavia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, with a minor in Human Resources from Ashford University. She is a certified Business Coach and Leading Speaker from The Les Brown Institute, as well as a published author. She has taught Mindfulness in Business at Bennett College. Octavia also hosts an online show and podcast that caters to influential women growing their business called the Goal Diggin Goddess Podcast. As part of her give back to the community, she sponsors an Internship for Social Media Marketing.

Certified Octavia Harris is the CEO of Crãv Life Consulting, LLC, and is an International Content & Marketing Strategist. Octavia is a top Les Brown Maximum Achievement & Success Coach| International Content & Marketing Strategist | Branding Strategist | Top Speaker at the Les Brown Academy | Cooperate Trainer | “Mess to Message” Storyteller | Author | Real Estate Agent.

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