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Learn How to Craft Powerful Brand Stories that Connect With Your Dream Clients in a Profound Way

Attention Coaches & Service Providers:

If you’re putting out tons of content but still don’t feel like you’re creating a deep connection with your audience, or seeing bigger sales?

This is for you...

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Stop wishing you could create incredible content that gets your business noticed, and learn how to craft stories straight from the heart that resonate with your audience!

Beautiful Goddess, let me share something with you!

Let’s get real! You know you need to brand, market and get your name out there but you are not sure how! Trying to keep your customers engaged can feel like an ongoing (and seriously not fun) saga. Am I right?

You spend ages (okay, hours) pumping yourself with caffeine to create “enough” content. You may even get up early or do weekly “content” tasks with a robotic swiftness. One email newsletter. 3 Facebook posts. An Instagram post a day. And can’t forget that blog post!

You thought content was king. But the truth is–while you might receive a Like here or a random emoji thumbs up there–your stories aren’t stirring emotions, or spawning sales.

Worse, you see so many other coaches totally crush this whole “storytelling” thing. One post and in minutes their comments section is bursting with sentiments like, “OMG, this just changed my life!” or “OMG, I feel like you’re speaking straight to me!”.

You want your voice to stand out and stand for something, too. But when it comes to sitting down and sharing what’s on your heart, you just can’t seem to figure it all out.

Yes, you yearn to connect with your audience in a deep, profound way, but when it comes time to tell your audience more about you– from what got you here to what challenges you’ve faced to all the struggles and the successes and everything in between–you freeze up.

Maybe you don’t know how much is too much to share.

Maybe you worry about somebody–your clients, your friends, your colleagues–judging you.

Or maybe you just doubt your ability to write (or speak) in a way that truly compels and hits people in the feels.

All you know is you DO want to share. And you want to HELP.

But as long as you’re scared to go deeper, to get intimate, to get real, to show up and shine as the true you…I’ve got bad news: Your content will never break down the barriers between you and your ideal clients.

Deep down, you know that if you’re going to truly connect with your people online, you need to push through that self-doubt (and comparisonitis!) and start writing your stories with total honesty.

Well, here’s a truth bomb for you (that might actually ease some of the madness in your mind)…

Connect Organically 

Take that idea and connect it to your personality, creating an organic connection to customers. This creates real relationships and word of mouth advertising. 

Save Money

Branding organically allows mutual relationship building  that creates commit to your brand. That means spending less money on marketing. 

Save money branding and marketing

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